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With this innovative technology of the Cine-Copter you can realize so many things. Fly over entire areas – no matter whether large or very small, fast or very slow, with moving or stationary people/objects. In contrast to conventional camera drones (e.g. DJI), with my copters the fly-through is shown in the “first person perspective”, as if the viewer himself would fly through the environment – a very immersive and therefore memorable experience. What’s new is that they can be used in many more situations and locations, including inside buildings. The almost limitless agility, very high speeds are possible – and super-smooth too, like with a gimbal.
If it then becomes very dynamic, the advantages are completely played out. On the one hand, completely new perspectives become possible, and for existing perspectives you can save a lot of effort and therefore budget – you simply don’t need a rail construction, a russian arm, a camera car, etc. for everything anymore.

Quite nice to see at this great event: “From Noon Till Dusk” – great respect to these young people, they “ripped” this airbag from about 2 pm to 8:30 pm at about 30° Celsius in the shade.
It was great fun to experience this day with these bikers who gave everything to get the best out of this opportunity – when else do you have such an airbag. Usually you learn the most in a bike park, with all the hard ground. With this airbag, it’s possible to try riskier tricks because the landing is much softer. And they gave it their all – check it out!

The Kinder- und Jugendarbeit Isny e.V. had made this vacation program possible in August 2021 as part of the federal program “Demokratie leben“, funded by the BMAFJ Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.
And many young people helped to get the whole thing off the ground – which then also shows how such programs work and are perceived positively.

What exciting projects can I set in scene for you?

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