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The voxeljet AG is a global innovation and technology driver for sophisticated 3D printing solutions in the industrial production environment. In addition to its headquarters in Friedberg, Bavaria, voxeltjet operates globally with facilities in the USA, China and India. For voxeljet’s largest 3D printing online seminar in 2021, a virtual company tour was produced. Different speakers explained voxeljet’s products and services at the respective stations. The interesting presentations were introduced with impressive FPV drone footage and intelligently linked (5 scenes at all). This way, the audience could directly experience what they had heard during the “fly-through”. An ingenious way to give the audience many visual impressions in a relatively short time. In addition, expert interviews and many exciting customer presentations awaited the participants.
It was great fun to realize this project together with WBLT and the responsible persons at voxeljet. The insight into this topic was also highly interesting.

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