Our services around FPV aerial videography More than just flying

Let yourself be enchanted by these immersive shots. With special custom-made copters I have the possibility to fly over whole areas for you – no matter if large or very small, fast or very slow, with moving or stationary objects – or humans. In contrast to conventional camera drones (e.g. DJI), with my copters the shots are shown in the “first person perspective”, as if the viewer himself would fly through the environment – this lets the viewer immerse into your subject. For this, there are very small copters that fit through almost anywhere, to the larger variants that can carry 6K cameras. From interesting montages to versatile “tracking shots” without any cut, the possibilities are almost endless.

I am a marketing consultant and accordingly bring a lot of knowledge in this area. In 2017, I discovered my passion for cine-copter as well as cine-lifter and professionalized it over time – where I then completely take on the role of video production and remote pilot.

Let us go together on a breathtaking cinematic journey!


We clarify together the possibilities and how we can enrich your project with these completely new perspectives.


Depending on the goal of your project, I create a storyboard including recommendations for action for you. This way it is clear to everyone what needs to be done.


I take care of the planning and organization of all necessary permits (if required) for you.


You don't need to worry about the necessary cameras and copters including accessories - I'll bring them along. All necessary certificates and insurances are on board as well.


Now the copters have to get in the air - enjoy the show! Rely on my experience in controlling the copters and operating the cameras including accessories.


You can sit back and enjoy concerning the video including music and sound. You will get the final video from me.

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