Ski jumping
Olympic ski jump

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This project together with the ‘DSV – Deutscher Skiverband Nordisch‘ (German Ski Association Nordic) shows how diverse the areas of application are. The coaches and ski jumpers already work with many analysis tools. However, there are very special requirements that no existing camera system has been able to provide so far.
Together with Maximilian Mechler, former German ski jumper and now acting coach of the women’s national team, we have created possibilities with my FPV cine copters to provide exactly these analyses.
Of course, it was also a great honor for me to fly together with the women’s national ski jumping team Katharina Althaus, Selina Freitag, Luisa Görlich, Pauline Heßler, Anna Rupprecht and Juliane Seyfarth!
That was a very exciting and eventful day, it was really fun with the whole team – teamwork is a lifestyle here!
Since this footage was for training purposes and therefore is not going to be published, here is a video of the big Olympic ski jump in Garmisch: “see it like a ski jumper! – except the scenes before the approach and after the landing – these are reserved for FPV flying.

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