CAT 352 excavator

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“Gimbal?! – No idea what you’re talking about!!!”
… nope, just kidding! Every method to create good movies has its justification and should be used in the right moment, mostly it happens in combination. But it is very interesting to see what possibilities you have with small custom-built drones. I filmed this video “only” with a 3″ CineWhoop, a small quadcopter with a customized GoPro. So it’s definitely possible to make videos with it with lots of cuts and different perspectives too!
And … it was again a great pleasure to do this project together with pomo folien.werkstatt GmbH. It is really exciting to see how they foiled this huge ~500.000 € excavator Caterpillar CAT 352 on site. For this I would also like to mention the Max Wild GmbH, who have given the “go” for it, awesome!!!

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